Fluorite is known as the stone of focus and is said to aid the wearer of fluorite in their mission to solve complex and intricate problems, focus during meditations, and keep their mind on the task at hand!

It’s also said to a help you clear mental, physical, and emotional chaos that has wreaked havoc in your life. It mentally guides you to replace that chaos with productive use of your energy and feel confident in making the right decisions for your future self and avoid making the choices that result in the chaotic life cycles.

If you’re feeling like your home could use a little of that calming focused energy, grab yourself some fluorite! They range in price from very inexpensive tumbled pieces to some extremely intricate specimens that resemble a computer circuit board. It comes in a variety of shades of black, purple, blue, green, and clear and often a mixture of these soothing colors.

Phantom Fluorite


Fluorite Collection at Lucid Treasures.


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