The pricing below is for Custom Wrapping on client provided gemstones and minerals


Lucid Treasures is known for creating intricate wearable art and our custom pieces is where we let our creativity be inspired by our wonderful clients. We love to dream up interesting ways to showcase gemstones that are brought to us and by integrating our style with the personality of the keeper, you are sure to have a one of a kind treasure.


Smokey Quartz suspended in sterling silver wire.

These pendants are minimal but eye catching and bold. Each piece is an average of 1 to 1.5 inches in length and features one prominent gemstone. Micro pendants come standard in Sterling Silver Wire unless a different wire choice was discussed during consultation.


Moldavite and Citrine suspended in a bed of silver wire.

These pendants are our most requested and are sure to emulate more personal authenticity. The Medium sized pendants feature up to three gemstones and range from 2 to 2.5 inches in length. Each piece comes standard in Sterling Silver Wire unless a specific wire was requested during consultation.


Lost Queen

Our Couture pendants are our most intricate and detailed wearable art. These scintillating pieces are a creative collaboration between our clients and ourselves, often these are our most memorable and meaningful pieces. Couture pendants contain four to ten gemstones and wire choice is discussed during consultation.



All custom requests require a 50% deposit on an agreed upon payment to begin on our project. Once work is complete, we will finalize shipping information and accept the remaining 50% payment. Average completion time is 1 week for single orders and 2-4 weeks for multiple orders and customs are accepted on a first come basis. If you are in need of your treasure before a specific date, please communicate with us and we will work closely with you to make that possible.


If you are interested in a custom piece but would like us to provide the gemstones, the wrapping price is the base price. We will discuss an estimate and deposit on the final cost after shopping the gemstone market for your one of a kind Treasure.


Please email for custom inquiries.