Enchanted Minds, LLC

I am obsessed with Moldavite. I love the color, texture, and energy that this space glass emits. I love when it is faceted or carved with beautiful art, I dream of adorning my neck with strands and strands of Moldavite beads and twirling under the stars before I am beamed into the sky. Okay, maybe I’m not ready to be beamed up just yet but you now have a frame of reference as to my Moldavite obsession. So how was I going to get my hands on some Moldavite to add to my collection of favorite gemstones and manifest my ideas into reality?

Enter Enchanted Minds, LLC: Your online portal to the widest variety of Moldavite. Nick and Breianna Ensign are the duo who own and operate the webstore! Their selection includes earrings, wire wrapped pendants, custom jewelry, raw and faceted Moldavite for your own projects or wholesale, and unique collectors artifacts!

The green space glass can be a little intimidating to purchase. It is very distinctive in it’s makeup but fake specimens muddled the gem market and have tricked people who are not familiar with the visual and physical properties of authentic Moldavite. Nick and Breianna work directly with one of two legal Moldavite mines in the Czech Republic, guaranteeing their product is 100% authentic with certification and knowing this allows you to shop with ease.

Lucid Treasures has been working side by side with Enchanted Minds, LLC in designing their own line of wire wrapped jewelry! You can find any collaboration pieces on their web store and if you get the chance to shop in person, you will be so glad you did. Their presence is immediately warm and welcoming, and their extensive knowledge on their product ensures you feel extremely satisfied with your experience. Find our friends webstore here and keep your eyes out for Enchanted Minds, LLC at future metaphysical fairs or gem and mineral shows to get the whole experience.

My desire for more Moldavite in my life has been satiated so I hope to incorporate Moldavite into my pieces for years to come but the hunt for my personal bit of Moldavite continues. I dream to have a large rupee facet the size of a half dollar coin, and also a strand of Moldavite beads… and a Moldavite gazing ball… and a Moldavite mermaid or alien… and… lets just say, I’m so delighted we met Nick and Breianna Ensign. I am so thankful for Enchanted Minds, LLC.


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