Welcome back to this week’s Gem of the Week! We love working with Moldavite at Lucid Treasures and have had the greatest pleasure of creating custom pendants for so many creative kindred spirits.

Moldavite can aid in expanding the mind, allowing you to think beyond the ordinary. It is a natural glass that is formed when a meteorite impacts the Earth and is found in central Europe, mainly in the Czech Republic. If you have an interest in space and extraterrestrials, this is the specimen for you! This beautiful glass can help you if you have been feeling the need to increase your empathy, find your inner peace, seek harmony, and experience joy. Be wary, adding Moldavite to your arsenal of gemstones will cause an acceleration of life events so be mentally prepared and grounded when in the company of this mystical space glass!  Perspective is gained when Moldavite is in hand, from a distance or in hindsight, you can grasp the greater reality and touch upon increased self-knowledge as well as tolerance for others.

So explore the realms, challenge your mental capacity, and embrace the outer limits! With Moldavite, you are an unstoppable force, use your new powers for your greater good and you are sure to come out of the other side with a fresh perspective.

Artist Unknown, Image Source: Pinterest

Moldavite and Turquoise Wire Wrap by Gabriel Grey

Moldavite Ring Wire Wrap by Kayla Grey

Moldavite and Celestite Fish Out Of Water Carving by Gabriel Grey




  • Orion says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Moldavite, it is a stone I never heard about and your description is very helpful to provide a grasp of its effects. The pictures are beautiful and the green is very special to see. It gels well with the colors at the top of the page.
    Moldavite i am looking for you:)

  • TG AE says:

    It is the very first time I have heard about Moldavite.
    Could you explain a little bit more of how to take care of it or where to get them.
    It looks literally from outer space and the pictures that you use to show that you can do amazing work with them. Since it is a natural crystal, doesn’t it lose any of its qualities when working with it?
    Well, I will be waiting for your answer.
    Great information.

    • admin says:

      Moldavite is an amazing specimen, and one of our personal favorites!! 

      It’s funny that you say it looks like it is from outer space, because it literally is!! It was formed after a meteorite crashed into earth and mixed with the eco-system, very awesome how that happened!!

      We have worked with a lot of Moldavite, usually it retains it’s natural qualities unless purposely modifying it, a few pieces we have even carved, it is just a delicate process.

      It can be bought online from reputable dealers or at local gem/mineral stores and shows. You just have to be careful as some can be fake. We have access to quality pieces here and are willing to go purchase one for you if you are ever interested!!

      Hope that answered your questions! Take care!

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